To start, change must be led from the top. Leaders have an essential role to play in both modelling flexibility, and championing it.

Getting started: The importance of leading from the top

It’s smart business. Simple as that.

The world is changing at a rapid rate. That we know. And the impact for business on what needs to change as we keep up with the pace, is becoming more and more essential for future-fit organisations to grasp.

With powerful megatrends driving change in our New Zealand landscape, businesses are required to navigate new ways of working to attract and retain top talent, achieve business growth and productivity, and ensure an agile response to changing market needs.

Building the case for change

A new way of work

Workplace flexibility is essential for today’s world of work. It’s a diverse and in-depth strategy that goes beyond the traditional thinking of ‘part-time work for new parents’ to ways of work accessible to all.

As an employer, it’s about respecting the changing nature of work and allowing employees the flexibility to work in an environment where they feel most empowered to do their best work.

What is workplace flexibility

Further resources

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Why have workplace flexibility

Download this fact sheet on building the case for change.